World Events Quiz – March 2014

Edward Snowden began releasing a series of classified documents he obtained while working in U.S. intelligence. What agency of the U.S. government did Snowden work for? See this and all … Continue →

Presidents Quiz – March 2014

The theme for 2013-4 in all divisions is scandals. In Junior/Senior, a second theme is vice-presidents. Also, Jr/Sr clues for #1-24 may involve U. S. Leaders Group 1: Tecumseh, Lucretia … Continue →

Propaganda Quiz – March 2014

The Propaganda sections played in the 2013-2014 Tournament Year: A C D F Section A Prejudice Academic Detachment Drawing the Line Not Drawing the Line Conservatism, Radicalism, Moderatism Rationalization Wishful … Continue →

Equations Quiz – March 2014

With Sideways cube in effect, write a three-cube Solution for this Goal: 24 ÷ 70 See this and all of the other AGLOA Equations Quizzes here.