Practicing Presidents

At some point in Presidents preparation, actual tournament questions in 6-4-2 point format should be used to give players an idea of how the competition will proceed. However, each question … Continue →

"Rapid Fire" Equations

“Rapid Fire” Equations is a form of the game that allows players to write more Solutions during a practice session. Follow this procedure: Determine who sets the first Goal, as … Continue →

Determining Teams

Determining who will be on what team for league play in any game can be difficult when you have more than five players in a division. Competition for the five … Continue →

Propaganda: Half a Section at a Time

The national Propaganda Tournament Rules call for four sections of Propaganda to be played each year. Practices consist of explaining each section and then reading sample examples from that section. … Continue →

Presidents: Make the Players Do It!

Several weeks before Presidents competition, have the players develop notes on individual presidents and write practice questions. The number of presidents assigned to each player depends on the number of … Continue →

Inspiring Words on Leadership

“One definition of leadership is simply the ability to give constructive criticism – to demand better performance in a way that inspires rather than deflates. The ability to do so … Continue →