Traveling to Nationals

Many of us have quite a few memorable stories about traveling to Nationals—meeting the coolest flight attendant ever, getting stuck at the airport for hours, or a turkey hitting the bus. What’s … Continue →

Alum Cites Academic Games Influence

Dr. Tyrone Porter, from Detroit Renaissance High School, is the subject of an article in the University of Washington (Seattle) Bioengineering News. The writer refers to “the intellectual challenges and … Continue →

AGLOA President Honored

Brother Neal Golden, President of AGLOA, was recently presented the Gautrelet Award by Spring Hill College (Mobile). This award “recognizes an alumnus or non-alumnus of high integrity who has demonstrated … Continue →

Alum Wins Academy Award

Peter Litwinowicz, who played at Brother Martin in New Orleans from 1975-81, won a Technical Achievement Award for the design and development of the RE: Vision Effects family of software … Continue →

Charles Stiegler Testimony

The following was contained in a letter from Charles Stiegler (Brother Martin High School ’99), who played Academic Games for five years.   “I have recently graduated from LSU Law … Continue →