Propaganda: Half a Section at a Time

The national Propaganda Tournament Rules call for four sections of Propaganda to be played each year. Practices consist of explaining each section and then reading sample examples from that section. … Continue →

Presidents: Make the Players Do It!

Several weeks before Presidents competition, have the players develop notes on individual presidents and write practice questions. The number of presidents assigned to each player depends on the number of … Continue →

Round-Robin Competition for Cube Games

This is a new feature designed to make the AGLOA Website more helpful for Academic Games moderators/coaches. Suggestions and submissions are welcome! For Equations, On-Sets, or LinguiSHTIK, a helpful way … Continue →

Stress Honesty

Academic Games competitions are like real life – sometimes players are tempted to take shortcuts in their honesty. Adults face those choices often in their own businesses and personal dealings. … Continue →

Inspiring Words on Leadership

“One definition of leadership is simply the ability to give constructive criticism – to demand better performance in a way that inspires rather than deflates. The ability to do so … Continue →