Play to Win – I

In athletics, you often hear a team’s performance as “they’re playing not to lose.” That attitude carries over to Academic Games competitions. Playing to win requires playing aggressively. Ultimately, the … Continue →

Develop the Weakest

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Often, the key to developing a winning team is to work to improve the worst player. Many times, a team … Continue →

Propaganda Tips

Have students write their own Propaganda examples for each section. Then, go over them as a group to see if they are good examples of Propaganda techniques. When covering Section … Continue →

Learn from Students

Veteran players often know more about a game than the teacher, especially if the latter is new to Academic Games. Instead of feeling insecure, tap into the knowledge students have … Continue →

Summer Activities

Most students are drained from competition during the summer months. But there are a few activities that can be done during the summer to keep players’ minds sharp and to … Continue →

Win Anyway

The South Carolina baseball team that won the 2011 College World Series had a motto: “Win anyway.” In baseball, the motto refers to overcoming adversities such as injuries, mental and … Continue →

Learning from Mistakes

At the 2011 AGLOA National Tournament, one of the Elementary/Middle Propaganda examples caused controversy. A number of players and even coaches were upset that the Panel’s Answer was Appeal to … Continue →

Creative Practice Scheduling

If you poll the schools in any Academic Games league, you will find a wide variety of practice schedules. Some teams meet before school. Others meet after school. Still others … Continue →