Equations Quiz – July 2013

With Sideways cube in effect, write a three-cube Solution for this Goal: 24 ÷ 70 See this and all of the other AGLOA Equations Quizzes here.

Equations Quiz – April 2013

Give all integer values of this Goal with Red Exponent: √73-19 where the 3 is red. Indicate the grouping of the Goal that produces each integer value.

Equations Quiz – April 2013

With 0 wild, give all integer values, if any, of this Goal: 3√30-8 Indicate what 0 stands for and the grouping of the Goal for each value.

Equations Quiz – March 2013

The Number of factors variation is in force along with Multiple operations. The Goal is: 6×3 May a Solution-writer interpret the Goal as 6xx3 (with Multiple operations) and make it … Continue →

Equations Quiz – January 2013

The player in the lead makes a Bonus move. An opponent points out the illegal procedure. In what divisions does the Mover lose one point? (A) Junior/Senior only(B) Elementary/Middle only(C) … Continue →