LinguiSHTIK Quiz – March 2015

The demands of a shake call for an Imperative sentence with a pronoun functioning as a subject. An additional demand requires an indefinite pronoun. Which sentence(s) fulfill the demands? (A) … Continue →

LinguiSHTIK Quiz – November 2014

Which of these statements are verbatim quotes from the LinguiSHTIK Official Tournament Rules 2014-15? Words are not considered foreign if they are listed as an entry in the official dictionary. … Continue →

LinguiSHTIK Quiz – October 2014

A player who is leading by four or more points when the 5-minute warning is called calls “Challenge Win.” However, no player writes a correct Solution. How many points does … Continue →

LinguiSHTIK Quiz – September 2014

Player One rolls the cubes, then, instead of designating the sentence type, calls CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBLE. Which of the following is/are true about this situation? Player One’s declaration is illegal, and … Continue →

LinguiSHTIK Quiz – August 2014

Which of the following statements is/are TRUE about what happens after a CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBLE? The CHALLENGER may not write a Solution. The MOVER must write a Solution within two minutes. … Continue →

LinguiSHTIK Quiz – July 2014

Which of the following statements is/are FALSE? A player who makes a Challenge Win statement with fewer than three cubes in the Letters section of the mat receives a -1 … Continue →

LinguiSHTIK Quiz – May 2014

An adjective can function as an objective complement only when it is part of what sentence pattern? S-LV-PA S-V-DO-OC INVERTED S-V-IO-DO See this and all of the other AGLOA LinguiSHTIK … Continue →