On-Sets Rules and Documents

On-Sets Tournament Rules(Last Updated June 28, 2023)
Manual for Equations/On-Sets Officials – (Last Updated July 2018)
Materials Order Form – (Updated 2023-24)
On-Sets Scoring Chart – (Last Updated March 2019)
On-Sets Variation Sheets – (Last Updated March 29, 2022)
Elementary Division
Middle Division
Junior Division
Senior Division
On-Sets Variation Selection Chart
Elementary Division
Middle Division
Junior Division
Senior Division
Cube Games Scoresheet
Certified Judges
Practice ON-SETS® Judges Certification Test
AGLOA Practice On-Sets Test AGLOA Practice On-Sets Test Solution Key
The Practice EQUATIONS® Judges Certification Test is for training and educational purposes only. This practice test alone cannot be used to certify a judge; however, it can be used by coaches and students to practice for the actual certification test which must be administered by your league director. This practice test closely resembles the official EQUATIONS® Judges Certification Test. The solution key is provided in a separate document.
Sample On-Sets Worksheets
Table of Contents
1D – Legal Goals (All Divisions)
2C – Intersect Operation (All Divisions)
3E – Last Cube Procedure (All Divisions)
3H – Scoring after a Challenge (All Divisions)
4F – Shift from Permitted Variation (All Divisions)
4J – Blank Card Wild (Junior and Senior Divisions)
5A – Subset Restrictions (Middle, Junior, and Senior Divisions)

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